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Interested In Ticketing With Seven Days Tickets?

We've got local support, promotion and some helpful features the other guys don't have!

Seven Days Tickets is a self-service ticketing platform that combines the features you need to run a successful event with local promotion that sells more tickets.


  • Control all aspects of the ticketing process: inventory, pricing, promotional codes, customer information and detailed reporting of up-to-the-minute sales.
  • We’re here to help! With local and remote customer service, we can walk you through the setup process, make customizations to your event pages and more.
  • All fees are published to your guests up-front — no checkout surprises! You can absorb the fees in the cost of the ticket or tack them on top.
  • Use our free app to scan printed or mobile tickets at the door. Or, print out a will-call list and check people in the old-fashioned way. Your choice!
  • Sell tickets at the door. You can use the same online tool as a box office at your event. Collect customer emails, keep your inventory in check and run post-event reports that show all your sales in one place.
  • Other unique (and optional) features include the ability to: Charge local sales tax, accept donations, sell reserved seating, add registration questions and waivers, sell gift cards and memberships.


  • All upcoming events on sale at sevendaystickets.com are also listed in a weekly print ad featured in Seven Days newspaper.
  • Additionally, the same events are listed in the Seven Days calendar and the weekly e-newsletter Notes on the Weekend (NOW).

Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you with all the details! If you prefer, you can also contact our ticketing manager via email or call 802-865-1020, ext. 110 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.).